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Tue Nov 2 18:52:31 GMT 1999

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 04:22:13 +1100, hai scritto:

>communicating but am having trouble with the  registry insisting that it
>creates  a profile image on the local machine in
>c:\windows\profiles\<username>.  What I would like to setup is a solution
>whereby any profile/user related information gets stored only on the server in
>the users home directory.  I have taken bits of information from past
If you set up samba as pdc then win9x will automatically put a copy of
the profile on samba, without registry hacking.

To avoid a local copy of the profile: while for nt4 there is a registry
setting, that setting, AFAIK,  is not available in win9x; I would add
deltree /y c:\windows\profiles\*
to autoexec.bat.

>Does anyone have a complete solution to this problem - including creating
>a skeleton/default profile upon user creation, bypassing the "Is this your
You can copy a profile, and then set up /etc/skel with it.

>     There are several reasons I need to only save the user profiles on the
>server one of which is so the users' Outlook Express E-mail is storred away
>from other users access.  Outlook Express e-mail appears to be saved in the
>"Application Data" directory tree.

Is oe is your problem then you can avoid all the profile stuff; simply
edit the registry and set the root dir for oe data to be on the user dir
on the samba server. Users will be able to read email only if connected
to their homedir on samba.

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