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>Subject: root did not create the semaphore
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>I am new to samba and need assistance for the error below.  The daemons
>started fine (via script) but can't map drive and get error below.
>Thanks for any help.
>Hai Nguyen
># smbstatus
>Samba version 2.0.5a
>Service      uid      gid      pid     machine
>ERROR: root did not create the semaphore
>ERROR: Failed to initialise share modes
>Can't initialise shared memory - exiting
># sysdef
>* Streams Tunables
>     9  maximum number of pushes allowed (NSTRPUSH)
> 65536  maximum stream message size (STRMSGSZ)
>  1024  max size of ctl part of message (STRCTLSZ)
>* IPC Messages
>     0  entries in msg map (MSGMAP)
>     0  max message size (MSGMAX)
>     0  max bytes on queue (MSGMNB)
>     0  message queue identifiers (MSGMNI)
>     0  message segment size (MSGSSZ)
>     0  system message headers (MSGTQL)
>     0  message segments (MSGSEG)
>* IPC Semaphores
>    10  entries in semaphore map (SEMMAP)
>    70  semaphore identifiers (SEMMNI)
>  5000  semaphores in system (SEMMNS)
>    30  undo structures in system (SEMMNU)
>    25  max semaphores per id (SEMMSL)
>    10  max operations per semop call (SEMOPM)
>    10  max undo entries per process (SEMUME)
> 32767  semaphore maximum value (SEMVMX)
> 16384  adjust on exit max value (SEMAEM)
	Oooh.  I ran into this one too on SCO OpenServer 5.0.4.  Samba allocates
something like 12-15 semaphores on startup (if I can remember the header
file right).  I'd go into your tunable parameters and change the amount of
semaphores to 50-60 or so.

	In another thread, I *do* have Samba running on 5.0.4, and I compilied it
from source, and didn't use the Skunkware version.  Skunkware seems to be a
bad distribution of it, as I never got Samba to work when using it. If
anyone needs help with a sucessful smb.conf, SWAT config or NT stuff with
SCO, mail me off the list.
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