Question about smbsh / smbfs / smbmount

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Wed May 26 10:04:29 GMT 1999

Hello Everyone,

I hope that there is someone who can help me.

At work we are using Samba for over a year now.
Sharing Unix filesystems as a NT network drive is very useful
for us. 

Now my question.
We also want to work the other way around.
So mounting a Windows NT share as an Unix (AIX) filesystem.
I found it very hard on finding information on that subject.
So can you tell me what the best option is 
(smbsh, smbfs or smbmount) ?

We have now a workaround using SMBCLIENT.
The disadvantage of this is that it isn't a permanent situation
such as a filesystem. Also somewhere you must hardcode the NT
Username and Password. Just to remind you we are running on AIX


Raymond Vermeer
Mn Services
The Netherlands
email rve at

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