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Michal Jezierski heja at
Mon May 31 22:30:57 GMT 1999

On Mon, 31 May 1999, you wrote:

I'm not Samy, but I will try to help ;-)

>thank you for your answer to my SAMBA-problem. Maybe I didn't say
>clear enough what the problem is. I can use the program. I can print.
>But I can't change the printer driver. There is a directory with
>45 printer driver files. I can look at them from a Dos-box 
>with dir and type. But my application in its Dox-box does not
>see them. The application reads the contents of the directory and
>shows it in a listbox. But the application obviously
>behaves as if there was only one file in that directory.
>Obviously, I have sufficient rights. But my application,
>that works fine on the Novell-server, sees only the first of those
>files. The other 44, which are always found on the Novell-server,
>are not found on the SAMBA-server. 

What is your setup with name mangling? It may be that the filenames are too

Just my 2c...



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