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> I'm a trainee and I'm working on Samba 2.0.3 with RedHat 6.0
> since 2 weeks. I'm trying to share directories with Windows 95 and
> I've a problem with passwords. 
> When I make 'security = user' in my smb.conf file, Windows asks
> me a password and I don't find where it's defined. 

The security=share, the password it's looking for is the one 
defined for that share.  For security=user, the password is the one 
for the user account on the linux box that you're trying to 
authenticate as.  You can do things in this case:

1) Name your win95 client (the NetBIOS name) the same as a user 
account on the linux/samba server (eg, jsmith).  Then select the M$ 
Network client for your default login and use the above account 
(eg, jsmith with password foo) to login to windoze.  You can then 
browse the samba shares without entering your password again.  If 
you login to windoze with a valid linux/samba username (but with a 
different password) then you will be prompted for a password when 
you try and browse a samba share.

2)  If you name your win95 clients by other names (ie, not the same 
as the linux username) then most of the above still applies, but 
you will need to map each NetBIOS client name to the linux/samba 
username of the person who will login from that machine.  Do this 
in the following file (from smb.conf):

   username map = /etc/smbusers

There are other ways to do things, but with one of the above you 
can take advantage of the private /home shares for each user, use 
unix group directory and file permissions to create group project 
shares, etc.


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