[SuSE Linux] Samba 2.0.3 and win95/8

Samy Elashmawy samelash at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 31 11:01:06 GMT 1999

Goerge , Dizzy , and every one else , Thanks for all your help. I was realy
going nuts, bonkers , ecttt...I have finaly found the following , and have
thingfs working , but it is still not working as it should.

1st / if I disable file and print sharing on the win 98 machine m save and
exit , the linux server comes up in the network nieborhood. Real sweet , as
long as its turned off. 

HOWEVER turn it back on , and it disapears. No longer there. 

2nd /  if (withg file and print servioces ON) I right click and map a
shared device from the samba server ( whick now goes thri\oght succesfull)
then double click on network nieborhood , double click on search, a window
comes up with workgroup ( our workgroup) , double click on workgroup , then
ti will search the whole network , then the linux server will show up. 

IT will only show up if I have previoasly maped it , otherwise no show.

NOTE that I am able to map drives weather or not is shows up in network
nieborhood. I cando it via right click Network nieborhood , map drive , or
at the dos prompt , via net use e: \\linux\shared . The mapping is not a
problem , it is only having the server show up in netowrk nieborhood.

Suse 6.1 Samba 2.0.3 Win98 and Win95

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