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Sun May 30 17:37:07 GMT 1999

On 30 May 99,,  samba at had questions about SAMBA digest 2110:

> There are selection boxes, e.g. a printer driver selection box,
> which do not work. In the box, I can see only one printer. But in
> the driver directory, there are more than 20 printer driver
> files. Doing a dir in the subdirectory which contains the printer
> drivers works fine. I can see all those driver files, and I can
> take a look at those files in the subdirectory with the
> type-command in the Dos-box. 

If it's really a DOS app, then it can only see windoze printers if 
they have "captured" a port (ie, lpt1, lpt2, etc).  It's up to the 
application to let you set up the printer port(s), ie, how many 
parallel ports it knows about.  You may also need to set some DOS 
environment variables and/or play with the windoze DOS box settings.

Our old server dude was a wiz at getting DOS/windoze apps to work 
on mounted Netware drives, but that's about all I know.

Hope this helps, Steve

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