Password authentication

Stephan Richter SRichter at
Sat May 29 19:11:37 GMT 1999


i am fairly new to samba and i read some of the documentation and i have a book
on bamba, but somehow i can't figure the following two things out:
(i have the precompiled redhat 6.0 version of samba)

1. i simply want to authenticate a user with his/her unix account password. i
do not want to use the sama user or password file, since i cannot keep track of
the changes.

2. i want to authenticate against our primamry domain controller, since
everybody knows this password and logs in his/her PCs with it.

3. is there a simply library function to which i pass the login, password and
domain contoller and it tells me whether the password is correct or not. (i
tried pam_smb, but it will not work for me.)

please send all replies to: srichter at or srichter at

Thank you in advance for your time and help!!!

Stephan Richter
iXL - programmer

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