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Yarrokon D.O. yarrokon at
Sat May 29 08:55:29 GMT 1999

	Currently I am running RH Linux 6 and have been able to setup Linux as a
server with two 98, one 95 and two NT4 Work Station machines. Everyone was
viewable via Network Neighborhood and could log in to there Accounts and
access permissioned files and directories.

	I then have tried to set SAMBA as a Client to one of our NT Work Stations
as it is our Proxy, and main server. When I set SAMBA to use the NT Work
group name, SAMBA can not be found in Network Neighborhood but can still
ping, telnet and FTP too and from everyone. When I used a different Work
group name, SAMBA made it self visible under the "Entire Network" Icon
under Network Neighborhood but was not access able, The request would time
out and SAMBA would not reply.

	How do I get Samba viewable in Network Neighborhood as a Client and NOT as
a Server, or a separate server that is viewable via Network Neighborhood.
I know I am close but am missing something small...

Jon Thompson
Thank you
Yarrokon of The Dark Ones
Acting Historian

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