password server problems and permission inheritance

Chris Allegretta allegrcr at
Fri May 28 20:18:22 GMT 1999


	I am attempting to replace an NT server with Samba (2.0.4) under
Linux (2.2.9) here at Plattsburgh State, and have 2 questions about a
couple of snags I've run into:

1) Is there any way to specify a password server that has a space in its
name?  I keep getting errors in the log saying "Cannot find server
WINDOWS" and "Cannot find server SERVER" (our NT server has the original
name of WINDOWS SERVER.  I've tried putting "WINDOWS SERVER" and
WINDOWS\ SERVER in the password server field, but to no avail.  It would
be very difficult to change the name of the NT server at this point.
Specifying an NT server with a single word name works just fine.

2) Is there a way or will there be a way to set permissions on files based
on the directory they've been put into, rather than the share?  We have a
number of folders set up for instructors with 4 subdirectories. Each
subdirectory has varying permissions on them. I would like to be able to
say "if a file gets created in any directory in this share, make it take
the permissions of the folder it is in".  This is due to
permissions problems that occur when files are moved from one folder to
another (i.e. a personal folder to a public access one).  I have figured a
way around it using setgid directories and force create mode = 0775, but
it would be nice not to have to do that.

Any help is appreciated.  Keep up the great work on this program.

Chris A
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