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Andersson Joel said:

>Hi . I'm quite new to samba and therefore have a mabe a little dumb
>I've created a share
>When I trie to map this with net use r: \\jumpy\opt
>I get the errormessage wrong password.
>But I'm using the same uid and password in my windows95 machine  as I'm
>doing on my unixhost
>gbg_joel .
>The guest shares works fine by the way. And I can log in to my UNIX host
>with gbg_joel
>Do I have to add gbg_joel someplace more than in my /etc/passwd file ?

What system is Samba authenticating the username/password for Windows against? 
Are you authenticating against an smb password file or a unix password file 
(local or NIS), or are you authenticating against another NT PDC somewhere?
Do you have 'encrypt passwords = yes' set?  If not, and the client is W95, did 
you check to see if it's OSR2?  If it is (or if it's W98/NT, did you make the
registry hack to enable plaintext passwords?

Also, I highly recommend you grab a copy of one of the two great books out 
there on Samba.  Both were written by members of the Samba development team, 
and have saved me a tremendous amount of time.  You can find them both at

I hope that helps some.

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