Help! problems with Arcserve. Can someone decrypt the logs ?

Michal Jezierski heja at
Fri May 28 13:14:18 GMT 1999

EFT.Eric Devolder wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We use samba 2.0.4 and are very glad of it. However, recently I had to add a
> backup facility on our network, so we plan to purchase Arcserve IT for NT,
> in order to backup our servers. We are using mainly 3 Linux servers and 1 NT
> server, which runs the backup service.
> However, as Itried to add a simple share on the file server to enable
> backup, later I encounter problems with arcserve.
> Arcserve first tries to compute the amount of files it has to backup, and
> tries to get the list of files on samba server. The main problem is that it
> takes a VERY LONG TIME, as if the arcserve program was waiting for something
> between each file name.
> Anyone an Idea ?
I am sorry I cannot help you, just guess that it can be unix
permissions, or broken guest account? I just wanted to ask why you do
not set up a Linux server for backups, it's faster and more reliable
(and can do most backup hardware nowadays).



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