Samba and Seagate BackupExec

Michal Jezierski heja at
Fri May 28 13:05:53 GMT 1999

Franck Buland wrote:
> Another point, maybe linked, is to manage the archive status on file,
> because the backup software use this information.
> I've add to smb.conf:
> create mask = 0664
> map archive = true
> but when I put the property Archive with Windows NT, no status Archive
> is put for the file.

This is exactly what you should NOT put in smb.conf. Samba maps dos
attributes by setting/unsetting appropriate execute bits on files.
Perhaps you wanted to set:
force create mask = 0644 , or
create mask = 0755 ?
Both will work in your case, but the second is almost senseless. ;-)


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