NIS+ support

George Cameron george at
Fri May 28 09:41:43 GMT 1999

A small contribution :)

I downloaded and installed 2.0.4b and compiled with NIS+ support since the
fixed configuration for it was one of the new features. All worked fine,
except that I found I couldn't change passwords. It turned out to be not
a configuration error, but that some of the NIS+ routines hadn't been
implemented yet. So I did that :)

So far my mods seem to be working, but I thought I'd offer it out to those
(Solaris and Linux only?)  users who are using NIS+.  If one or two people find
that it works for them too, I'll submit it for scrutiny and inclusion.

The only changed file is nispass.c, and anyone who would like to try it
can find it on:

If you try it, please let me know how you get on!

Tested (briefly) on Solaris 7, will probably test on Linux soon. Should
be trivial to modify for the HEAD branch also. This looks like a nice
way of providing a secure, distributed password database with commonality
of setup and operation between the unix and smb password databases.


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