One of two samba servers not visible (remote announce problem?)

Frank R. Brown list.Frank at
Thu May 27 18:10:47 GMT 1999

I have (more than) three subnets:

A:  all unix (I think)
B:  mixed unix and PC's
C:  all PC's (I think)

I have a samba server on both A and B.  They have
essentially identical configurations.  Both are running
the nmbd daemon, and are configured as
workgroup = XXSAMBA.

I have a PC on C.  Both net view /domain:XXSAMBA
and network neighborhood show only the server on B.
I assumed that nmbd was doing a local broadcast on
B which was being heard by one of the PC's on B, and
then got passed along the browsing system, so that the
PC on C could ultimately see it.

According to this theory, the server on A was also
broadcasting its existence, but since nobody was
acting as a local browse master, nobody heard it.

Therefore I added 'remote announce = xxx.yyy.zzz.255'
to point to subnet C in server A's smb.conf.  This didn't work.
Then I tried 'remote announce = xxx.yyy.qqq.www' to
point to the wins server (on yet another subnet) used by
the PC on subnet C.  This also didn't work.

Anyone have any ideas?  Since one of the two servers
shows up in the browse list, I thought I was on the
right track, but now I'm stuck.

(I can connect to the shares on the server just fine by
hand, but as a convenience I'd like to have it show up
in the browse list.)

This is samba 2.0.0 on solaris 2.6.  Most of the PC's
are ntws4.0, sp4, although there are also nt servers
and miscellaneous clients.

     Frank R.Brown
     Frank.R.Brown at MailAndNews

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