2.0.4, still oplock_break failures [Actually dosChDir issue]

Oisin McGuinness oisin at sbcm.com
Thu May 27 14:38:17 GMT 1999

Concerning the question
"Why on earth do I see the dosChDir to /home/girgen/ports???!"
you might check out how you *start* or *started* Samba.

Based on my observations, and a quick check of the source
code (see source/smbd/server.c, and source/smbd/uid.c), when you start up
smbd, it finds out the current directory, saves it as "OriginalDir", then 
whenever a new user is setup, a share is connected/disconnected/idles, then
it does a cd back to "OriginalDir". This was once the source of embarrassment
when I started a smbd from an NFS mounted dir, which later went away.

The best strategy is to run samba startups from your system startups which
typically run from /; if users cannot read / you have more problems than just samba.
Or have a startup script that explicitly cd's somewhere safe and permanently visible
like /tmp.

Hope this helps!

Oisin McGuinness

Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets
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New York NY 10172

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