Browsing across subnets connected by a linux router without using WINS

Michal Jezierski heja at
Thu May 27 15:09:32 GMT 1999

Daniel Roesen wrote:
> A friend of mine hinted me on using Samba on the linux router, but I don't
> see anything which does this in the Samba documentation.
> What we want to achive is, to have full NetBIOS connectivity between these
> two subnets including browsing. The "official" way to do it seems to have a
> WINS server in each domain. For several reasons we don't want to use WINS
> and so we have to have a way of relaying the NetBIOS name broadcasts and the
> corresponding answers back and forth between those subnets.
> Any ideas? I have to get this right very soon...

Check out the following parameters: remote browse sync, remote announce.
You shall also set up name resolution for both subnets (I recommend DNS,
it's fast and reliable, and you can run it on your router).

We use exactly the same setup at the company and it works OK.



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