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Bo Kersey bo-lists-samba at
Thu May 27 00:16:43 GMT 1999

Hi yall,

I am having problems using unix password sync.  I am able to change the 
smbpassword successfully if unix password sync is turned off.  However, when I 
turn unix password sync on, I get:

Unable to change the Microsoft Networking Password for the following reason:

Incorrect Password

on the Windows98 client.

I am using samba 2.0.3 from the samba-2.0.3-19990228 rpm on RedHat 5.2.  We 
are using encrypted passwords and the client is a Windows98 machine.

I noticed that if unix password sync is turned on, I'm required to give the 
full path to all of the programs called.  The only program that I can see that 
is called is passwd.  Since passwd is run as root, I've specified the full 
path /usr/bin/passwd and added %u.

I've turned passwd chat debug on, but I am not seeing anything in the log.%m 
for the machine that I'm working with.  I checked the log.smb as well.  

Here's the short version of the smb.conf global from swat:

# Global parameters
           workgroup = VIRCIO
           server string = Samba Server
           encrypt passwords = Yes
           passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
           passwd chat debug = Yes
           unix password sync = Yes
           log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
           max log size = 50
           socket options = TCP_NODELAY
           logon script = login.bat
           domain logons = Yes
           os level = 65
           preferred master = Yes
           domain master = Yes
           wins support = Yes


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