Suse 6.1 / Samba 2.0.3 WOES update (samba server does't shoe in network neiborhood/smbmount failers

Samy Elashmawy samelash at
Wed May 26 17:13:40 GMT 1999

Hi folks, here is a quick update.

1/ the samba server does not come up in the network neiborhood. However if
I use a net shre e: \\linux\shared
then that ci\onnection is made. It still does not show(the connected
device) in network nieborhood). It does shoew in the file exporer ect..

on the win98 machine , I have reset and chaned the networking drivers , and
even changed the machine name and ip address.

No changes	

if I DISABLE file and print sharing on the win98 machine then the samba
server shows up.n Why I have no Idea , if I go back and enable it , then
the samba server disapears all over agien.
talk about fustrating

2/ regarding printing from the samba server , it will only print to the
win95 machine . It sees this machine fine. smbclient and smb mount both
work. if I redo it in yast to print to the win98 machine , nothing prints.

3/ smbmount fails to access the win98 server (with file and print servixe
I get the following error 
smbmount //amd/cdrive /cdrom 

ERROR added interface ip= bcast= mask=
cli_open_sockets : unknown host

4/ smbclient -L amd gives error
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
connection to amd failed

smbclinet -l linux (samba server works) smbclient -L quantex (win95 ) works

any ideas any one ? like i said this all worked under 6.0/samba 1.9



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