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Wed May 26 06:10:29 GMT 1999

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From: "Paul L. Lussier" <plussier at>
To: samba at
Subject: Cross-subnet browsing
-> Try remote announce parameter?

From: Samy Elashmawy <samelash at>
To: samba at
Subject: samba 1.9 -> 2.0.3 and suse 6.1
-> permissions on new directories? (make sure they're not owned by 

From: jwilli at (Jeff Williamson)
To: samba at
Subject: Samba access or Apache server?
-> /etc/hosts screwed up

> <bigger>		localhost localhost.localdomain

make the above line look like this (the rest is fine):     loopback     localhost

>		ramp
>		95
>		linux

I have samba and apache running on the same machine at home and at 
work and it works for me.  The office LAN is private and has no 
domain stuff defined at all (except in the win95 DUN stuff on each 
client).  I surf to that machine with http://rama.  At home, the 
samba/apache box also does IP masquerading, firewall, etc.  I use 
the ISP's domain on all machines; both the win95/linux clients and 
the server point to the ISP's DNS servers, while my clients also 
point to my server as DNS (caching only named setup) and gateway.  
Netscape on the clients points to the squid proxy port on the 
server but squid doesn't cache apache pages on the same machine.  I 
surf to that machine with  You need to 
specify the hostname in the apache config files, otherwise Netscape 
will only find it by the IP number.

From: Gregory Walter <gsw at>
To: samba at
Subject: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw w/ plain text PW
-> missing hosts allow setting

From: Tom Brown <tbrown at>
To: samba at
Subject: Testparm fails
-> Did you actually define a hostname?
Try swapping name order in /etc/hosts?


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