Samba problem - write fails

Charles Galpin cgalpin at
Tue May 25 18:36:12 GMT 1999

Ok, I think I'm making progress. It turns out that the share is working   
fine for two win95 machines, but not the one win98 machine in the office.

The win98 machine can edit/save an existing file, but not save as a new   
name, or copy files to the server. When this fails, there is a delay, then
they get a message saying the resource is no longer available. I feel like
this might be a network configuration problem on that machine because it
seems to be confused as to when it should need to dial out again. I got   
help fixing this last week, but that caused them not to be able to use    
some software (using a dialup), and they got some tech support which
changed it back.  

Someone on the Redhat list suspected the size of the share was too
large. The size (actually 9 gig free) does not seem to be an
issue, as the win98 machine exhibits the same behviour on a smaller share.

I have one other problem. I put an access database (.mdb) file on the
server. When more than one user tries to acces the file they get a sharing

[1999/05/25 13:54:43, 2] smbd/open.c:check_share_mode(741)
  Share violation on file (0,4,2,17096,roladex/roladex.mdb,fcbopen = 0,
flags = 0) = 0

Does anyone know how to allow sequential access to a file? This used to
work fine when this was on a win95 share.


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