nt acl support = no ???

Tom Hören tho at melexis.com
Mon May 24 13:36:48 GMT 1999


   It was suggested that I added "nt acl support = no" to my smb.conf file,
   in order to get rid of the "error packet at line 588 cmd=115
(SMBsesssetupX)eclass=2 ecode=2" error.
   (Apparently it has something to do with Word's temporary files that are
created with mode 000 
   which stops it from completing a file save.)

   I added this to my smb.conf file ...

   testparm answered the following lines :

      doing parameter nt acl support = no
      Unknown parameter encountered: "nt acl support"
      Ignoring unknown parameter "nt acl support"

   The only NT-support features I could find (with testparm) are :

        nt smb support = Yes
        nt pipe support = Yes

   This "Yes" value is set by default (cause I wouldn't know what it's good

   My configuration : Samba 2.0.2 on a 2.2.4 Linux-Intel-kernel ...

   Question : Should I change these "yes" values in "no" or do you mean
something else ???



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