smbmount error: can't find share

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Tue May 25 12:54:50 GMT 1999

christian enscribed thusly:
> On Tue, 25 May 1999, Yah rite wrote:

> > I'm using smbfs version 2.0.2 with kernel version 2.0.36 (hence i cannot use 
> > the samba release of smbmount). I am using the following command to mount my 
> > network share:
> > 
> > smbmount //server2/ftpdir /mnt/server2 -n

> Does your smbmount really work like this? smbmount is supposed to be
> executed:

> smbmount //share/name -c 'mount /mount/point'

	No no...  This is the syntax for the new smbmount that's in the Samba
package.  He is apparently stuck with the old kernel, smbfs, and smbmount.
His syntax is correct for that older version.  Trouble is that the older
version is no longer supported.  I certainly don't support it.

> At least here.

	You probably have the newer kernel (> 2.1.70) with the newer
smbfs and newer smbmount.  Unfortunately, that was a pretty severe change
and included a significantly different command syntax.

> cr

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