Long hesitation with Win95 OSR2 client

Hall, Ken (ECCS) KeHall at exchange.ml.com
Mon May 24 19:48:01 GMT 1999

This sounds like a problem reconnecting.  I'm told that after some idle
time, the server will disconnect to conserve resources.  There's an option
on the Samba side to turn this off.

If that machine is consistently having trouble connecting, have a look at
the network definitions in control panel.  Make sure only one protocol is
bound to the MS client.  I've heard of problems where Windows gets confused
when there are multiple protocols defined, and hunts through them one at at
time looking for the one that works.  Windows for Workgroups lets you set a
"default" protocol, and I found that Samba worked best when that was set to

I had a similar problem with NT, but it turned out to be the Novell client I
had installed. Once I removed that, everything worked fine.

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> No.  But it is not a stupid question.  We have several clients connecting
> to 
> the machine but only one has the hesitation problem.
> > Stupid question, do you have drive spindown(sleep) on on the server?
> > 
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