Broadcast resolve broken!

Jean-Serge Gagnon jsg at
Mon May 24 14:36:37 GMT 1999

	I was wondering if anybody had this problem. If I use nmbclient to
resolve a name, I get 'name_query failed to find name xxxx'.

No names get resolved, but if I use smbclient with the same name and
specify the IP everything is fine.

Just as additional info, ping, telnet etc work fine, I have 'name
resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast host' in smb.conf with 'wins support
= yes' and 'netbios name = HOST250'. If I type 'smbclient -L host250 -R
bcast', I get:

Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
cli_open_sockets: Unknown host HOST250.

Anybody have any ideas?

// Jean-Serge Gagnon         jsg at
// Newlix Corporation

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