Problem finding Server on Win95 and Win98

Joel jwknight at
Mon May 24 02:56:22 GMT 1999

Hello.  Are you running a WINS server? Do you have proper entries in your
/etc/hosts file and your lmhosts file on the server? on the clients?

Just some things to look at.

On Mon, May 24, 1999 at 08:21:46AM +1000, Wolfgang Albrecht wrote:
> Hi,
> today I encountered a strange problem. In our office we have a small and
> simple network. On our one and only server, I installed Linux 2.2.5 and
> Samba 2.0.3 (Suse Linux 6.1). Although, we always tried to keep things
> simple, we have two subnets, both connected to this one server.
> The Server is named Server1. One of
> these networks is a 10 MBit coax-cable, the other one is 100 MBit TP.
> The networks have IP-numbers and The
> Server has two NICs and the IP-numbers and
> When I take a look into the network neighbourhood from a client in the
>, I can always see Server1. When I take a look
> into the network neighbourhood from a computer in the
> I can see Server1 only sometimes. A ping to (Server1) always
> works. I assigned the shares to network drives on the clients,
> and if I reboot the clients, the network drives are still there and I
> can read and write on those shares on Server1.
> So the clients can obviously transfer data to and from the server. But in
> the network neighbourhood, I often can not see Server1.


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