Long hesitation with Win95 OSR2 client

Bo Kersey bo-lists-samba at vircio.com
Mon May 24 01:31:42 GMT 1999

Server Specifics:
#uname -a
Linux denali 2.0.35 #1 Thu Jul 23 14:01:04 EDT 1998 i686 unknown
#rpm -q samba
using encrypted passwords...

Problem Client Specifics:
Windows 95 OSR2

There is a long (several second) hesitation when I try to open share on the 
samba server.  Example:  Drive U: is mapped to the user shares.  If I 
double-click drive U: under My Computer, I get a several second hesitation 
before the drive actually opens.  This almost always happens the first time I 
try to open the share after logging into the Samba Server and then it will 
happen sporadically throughout the day.

I've checked the smb log specific to the client that is connecting and I see 
no errors.  Any hints on what I should check next??


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