Problem finding Server on Win95 and Win98

Wolfgang Albrecht Wolfgang_Albrecht at
Sun May 23 22:08:32 GMT 1999


today I encountered a strange problem. In our office we have a small and
simple network. On our one and only server, I installed Linux 2.2.5 and
Samba 2.0.3 (Suse Linux 6.1). Although, we always tried to keep things
simple, we have two subnets, both connected to this one server.
The Server is named Server1. One of
these networks is a 10 MBit coax-cable, the other one is 100 MBit TP.
The networks have IP-numbers and The
Server has two NICs and the IP-numbers and

When I take a look into the network neighbourhood from a client in the, I can always see Server1. When I take a look
into the network neighbourhood from a computer in the,
I can see Server1 only sometimes. A ping to (Server1) always
works. I assigned the shares to network drives on the clients,
and if I reboot the clients, the network drives are still there and I
can read and write on those shares on Server1.
So the clients can obviously transfer data to and from the server. But in
the network neighbourhood, I often can not see Server1.

Does anyone understand this?

Is there a way to change this?

Thank you in advance,

Wolfgang_Albrecht at

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