Wierd Win95 Results; Not in Diag Procedure

Tim Evans tkevans at tkevans.com
Sun May 23 14:25:34 GMT 1999

I've been through the Samba diagnosis procedure and FAQ, and haven't
found anything like this:

Windows 95, version "4.00.950 B".  Samba 2.0.3 on a Sparc Solaris 2.7
system.  From the Win95 machine, I can map Samba shares as network drives
(via 'net use' Windows explorer, and right-clicking on My Computer.
Also, I can browse the network neighborhood and open up shares from the
Samba server.  In all cases, what I see in Windows or the DOS window is
what I'd expect to see--filenames, icons representing filenames or
folders, etc.

In a DOS window, I can do anything to files on the Samba share I want
to do--rename, delete, whatever.

In Windows, however, after opening up either the
network drive or Samba share in NetWork neighborhood, all I can do is
view files.  If I try to do anything to a file in Windows--open it by
double-clicking, rename it, delete it--I get a pop-up error that says:

"Cannot delete foo: Cannot find the specified file.  Make sure
you specify the correct path and filename."

Huh? I just double-clicked on the icon representing 'foo' and then
was told the system can't find 'foo.'  

What is wrong here? Thanks.
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