christian crr at
Fri May 21 20:59:26 GMT 1999

On Fri, 21 May 1999, Nicholas Tang wrote:

> Hmm.  Didn't work for me - I had to manually "make smbwrapper" and then
> copy the files to /usr/local/samba/bin.  Maybe I made a typo or something.
> Dunno.

If it doesn't, you might want to notify the maintainer. smbwrapper is
pre-alpha still, anyway.

> Anyway, now it runs, but it dumps core a whole lot and I still can't
> browse... I tried cd'ing into /smb and ls'ing and got nothing.  Do I have
> to be running smb on the machine?  Is there any way to avoid that?  I

I suppose you don't have to be running the daemons, no. You can use
smbclient without sunning smbd. The daemons are just for sharing - if you
don't want to share, no need. On one of my boxes, lsing produces my home
dir; on the other, it works fine. Don't really know why. 

> don't want to run smbd on every linux workstation just so they can browse
> the network.  I guess I'd have to, though, otherwise it wouldn't know
> where to go to browse.  Ah well, time to start playing.

No, the smbwrapper script should take care of looking names up and
accessing shares. It has more or less smbclient funcionality in wrapper
form; since smbclient is standalone, smbwrapper should be too. Did you
understand what I just wrote? ;)


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