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Fri May 21 19:01:13 GMT 1999

On Fri, 21 May 1999, christian wrote:

> I requoted so you could see the configure: just download the samba sources
> and compile it yourself. It's still flaky, but it's mighty cool

Hmm.  Didn't work for me - I had to manually "make smbwrapper" and then
copy the files to /usr/local/samba/bin.  Maybe I made a typo or something.

Anyway, now it runs, but it dumps core a whole lot and I still can't
browse... I tried cd'ing into /smb and ls'ing and got nothing.  Do I have
to be running smb on the machine?  Is there any way to avoid that?  I
don't want to run smbd on every linux workstation just so they can browse
the network.  I guess I'd have to, though, otherwise it wouldn't know
where to go to browse.  Ah well, time to start playing.


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