Network is busy...

Michal Jezierski heja at
Fri May 21 13:42:27 GMT 1999

Stephen L Arnold wrote:
> When the world was young, "W. Bryan Caudle" <bcaudle at>
> carved some runes like this:
> [snip]

> > The copied the binaries from the test system to the production
> > system, and when trying to connect from various windows 95 machines,
> > they always get the network is busy (error 54) message when trying
> > a net use command or clicking on the machine in network neighborhood.

> I'm no unix guru-dude (but I'm working on it), but obviously the
> runtime environment is different between the two machines.  The
> samba stuff (and unix/linux code in general) seems highly dependent
> on numerous shared libraries.  Have you checked the makefile(s) for
> the samba code and verified that all required libraries, etc, are
> the same versions on both machines?  Maybe the "production" machine
> is not quite as up-to-date as the test machine...

And what about configuration files, IP addresses, DNS, WINS, shares,
permissions, etc?

> I'm no unix guru-dude (but I'm working on it)

Me too ;-)



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