unable to log on to server

khoogc at singnet.com.sg khoogc at singnet.com.sg
Fri May 21 10:47:09 GMT 1999

1. This is probably stupid, but I am new to dos/lanman

2. Server is a RH5.2 with shadow passwd and samba-2.0.3 and has the line	orchid.khoo.lgl		orchid

in /etc/hosts

3. Client is a windows 3.1 with Lanman 2.2 and given the name shenton with

4. When I start up the client, I log on with a username/passwd I have
added to the the server and is authenticated by the server (I can also see
that I have logged on in /var/log/samba/log.nmb) However, it seems I have
not logged onto the server. 

5. When I issue the net command, I can only see *Local*------Shenton

6. When I go to config -> workstation options menu, I see

		Your username	...:Richard
		Your computername .:\\Shenton
		Your domain	...:MYGROUP

	View Configuration for workstation \\Shenton

Current user		:Richard
Workstation domain	:Mygroup
Login domain		:Mygroup
other domains		:

Software version number 	:2.2c
Start workstation services : [x]Messenger  [] netpopup

5. If I go to the view -> users on a domain menu, I see

The domain controller for domain MYGROUP could not be found

6. If I log off and then log in again I see

	successful login

effective username	:Richard
Logon server		:\\orchid

last logon :		NEVER
must log off by :	NEVER

What should I do?

Thanks alot.

Richard KHOO Guan Chen

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