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Fri May 21 10:01:14 GMT 1999

Steve Mertz wrote:
> Just wondering if there is a way to get drive namings to change according
> to who's logged into the network.
> ie.
> 'bob' logs into windows networking and gets...
> E: 'bob' on server kiwi.
> Now if 'sue' logs into windows networking on the same pc she gets...
> E: 'bob' on server kiwi.
> But E: contains sue's stuff.  So is there a way into making 'sue' replace
> 'bob' without remapping the drive everytime?

Do I understand right? This is after a "close and login as new user" and
the login script connects to the right share and the contents are what they
should be but the label in My Computer is what the previous user had?

If so, you need to get your login script to delete some Persistent drive
labels from the registry so that they get remade with the right contents.



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