NT network can't browse Samba

Jean-Serge Gagnon jsg at newlix.com
Thu May 20 23:35:32 GMT 1999

Thanks, yes I can ping, telnet everything! It was the 'Scope ID' in the
Windows machines. If I use the '-i scopeID' with nmbd, smbd, nmblookup
and smbclient everything works... what a pain!!!

So does anybody know why the Windows machines receive their scope ID
from the WINS server, but the Linux box didn't? I mean if I look at all
the environment variables when the dhclient-script (ISC DHCP) gets the
bind request for an IP, there are no 'new-netbios-scope'... There are
'new_ip_address', 'new_netbios_name_server', etc...

I will also ask in the dhclient list, but I was wondering if anyone else
had this problem...

(P.S. I am not the one that decided to use a ScopeID, that is my
customer's decision)

Thanks again.

christian wrote:
> On Thu, 20 May 1999, Jean-Serge Gagnon wrote:
> > Has ANYBODY seen this problem before? Windows clients on the NetHood can
> > NOT
> > see the Linux box or connect to it (by using something like
> > \\OMEGA9\CDROM).
> > AND the Linux box can not connect to other machines (with smbclient -L
> > or ever get a list of machines on the net even though they are ALL on
> > the same
> > subnet and are all configured to use the same WINS server!
> Can the linux box ping the windows boxes? Can the windows boxes ping the
> linux box? Can you at least nmblookup the windows boxes names?

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Jean-Serge Gagnon wrote:
> > >         remote announce =
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You don't need this if all the machines are on the
> same subnet.  Not sure if removing it will fix all
> your problems, but I would start there.

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