trouble re-joining NT domain

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Thu May 20 23:09:28 GMT 1999

In article <19990520192035Z102406-7973+54 at> I wrote:
>If you run smbpasswd a second time, it will delete the password file
>and you are hosed. From my experience smbpasswd will now never work;
>no one will be able to access the Linux box even if it says it joins
>the domain successfully. (If anyone knows why or knows how to get out
>of this mess, please drop me a note. Thanks in advance.)

Sorry to follow up on my own. I have now found out why samba doesn't
work in my case. It's because I tried to run a samba binary, which
is compiled on Linux 2.2, under Linux 2.0. After I recompiled samba
on Linux 2.0, everything seems to work fine.

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