Win95 Error51 problem

ANA GIRON duff at
Thu May 20 22:38:07 GMT 1999

 I unfortunately am not a systems person but I'm trying to use Samba to
connect my linux box to two Win95 PC's. I am now able to print from my
Linux box to my PC printer and now I'm trying to browse the Linux box from
my PC. I can see my Samba server (the Linux box) in my Network
Neighborhood. But when I click on it I get an error saying that the
computer is not recieving requests. In a DOS shell using net view, I get
an error 51: The computer is not recieving requests...
  I've gone through the diagnostics in John Blairs Samba book and can
ping, nmbd runs correctly, my netbios name can be resolved etc. etc. The
only thing that doesn't work is
  smbclient -L SAMBASERVER -U '' -N 
 I get a session request failed. But what is curious is that if I
substitute one of my PC's for the samba server, it will work. I've checked
my netbios-ssn settings in both inetd.conf and services and they seem ok.I
have security = share in my smb.conf file. Does it have to do with the
master browser stuff? 
Any suggestion would really be appreciated

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