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Thu May 20 22:30:45 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "Bruce Collins" <Bruce_Collins at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> I'm afraid I won't be much help resolving this problem, I only wanted to
> point out the we seem to be experiencing exactly the same problem.
> We were connected to Samba on an HP3000 server running 1.9.?, without any
> problem, but when we upgraded the server to 2.04 our Win95 and Win98
> clients all get a Network is busy error whenever we try to connect.
> A Windows NT client seems to connect fine, however we have noticed that
> there is a long delay (20-30 seconds) when we first connect.
> One other thing that we noticed is that when we start samba on the HP3000
> it seems to be doing some sort of polling which is causing our proxy
> server (on the NT machine) to dial out to the internet as if it is looking
> for an IP address that isn't on our local network. I have been able to
> track it down yet, but this polling is keeping our internet connection
> open all the time that Samba is running. Does anybody have any idea what
> it's doing, and where I can find the IP address that it's trying to poll?

It sounds like it's back to that DNS timeout thing (I can't claim 
to understand all the gory details myself).  What are the name 
resolve parameters/order set for on the samba side?  Are either of 
you guys running NIS (or some variant)?  Are the win9x clients 
pointing to a WINS server (samba or NT)?  And what about the DNS 

Maybe changing samba's name resolve order will clear it up...

It would take a little more effort, but you could probably narrow 
this down a bit by temporarily disabling all dynamic name 
resolution mechanisms (DNS, WINS) and try the basic hosts/lmhosts 

Just my $.02


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