Strange smbsh problem

christian crr at
Thu May 20 18:15:12 GMT 1999

This smbsh rips! However, it unfortunately only rips on one of the
machines here ;)

On the others, which have basically the same config but a 2.2.5 kernel (vs
2.2.9) smbsh runs fine, and a cd to /smb works, but nothing else. 'ls'
produces a listing of the directory where smbsh started in - it seems to
me that no 'preloading' is being done of Is there a way to
test or troubleshoot this? One worrying thing is that 'strace' works -
which it shouldn't and doesn't in the machine where smbsh works perfectly. 

I'll try upgrading the kernel and trying again.

Part of the problem might be I compiled on the one machine where it works
- but apart from the kernel, they're all very similar.


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