Network is Busy

christian crr at
Thu May 20 16:00:28 GMT 1999

On Thu, 20 May 1999, Bruce Collins wrote:

> One other thing that we noticed is that when we start samba on the HP3000 it
> seems to be doing some sort of polling which is causing our proxy server (on
> the NT machine) to dial out to the internet as if it is looking for an IP
> address that isn't on our local network. I have been able to track it down
> yet, but this polling is keeping our internet connection open all the time
> that Samba is running. Does anybody have any idea what it's doing, and where
> I can find the IP address that it's trying to poll?

Interesting. I had the same problem when I used samba on a ppp gateway
using the interface option in my smb.conf - seems samba would keep it up
by sending netbios-ns broadcasts over the ppp line. I now realize this is
the correct behaviour, since I instructed samba to use the ppp interface
and gave it a netmask - it was broadcasting to everybody on
my ppp interface's localnet.

I think your problem _could_ be a netmask problem: nmbd keeps sending
netbios requests over the network: perhaps your NT box is configured to
dial out for a part of that network included in your netmask (though this
is probably a configuration error). No this doesn't sound understandable
at all :)

Trying again: If your netmask is wrong on your linux or nt box (either the
interface's or your smb.conf's) packets intended for the local net may be
routed outwards by the nt proxy. Better?

Hope this helps, 

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