Sergio Pires de Albuquerque sergio.drtmg at
Thu May 20 13:20:36 GMT 1999

I had SAMBA installed on my RHL 5.1 Kernel 2.0.34 a few weeks ago. I
upgraded the kernel along many packages it requires to 2.2.6. I had 
samba-1.9.18p5 that worked well but I upgraded it to 2.0.3. After that
when I try to mount an NTFS Networked filesystem on Windows NT 4.0 it
fails with error code ERRnoaccess. I saw in a samba document that
smbmount isn't part of SAMBA package but SMBFS. I changed the binary
(smbmount) to SMBFS but it tells me that it needs mount version 6.
Does anyone can help me?


Sergio Pires

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