Upgrade to version 2.0.4

Mario Augusto Ribeiro Mribeiro at record.com.br
Thu May 20 12:55:48 GMT 1999

OS: Red Hat Linux 5.2
Samba: version 2.0.0beta3
CPU: 486 with 32Mb RAM
HD: 1.6 Gb.
Ethernet cards: 2 NE2000 compatible.

The machine running Linux is a File Server and the clients are Win95,98 and
NT 4.0.
My network is working well, but, if there is a new version of Samba why
don´t use it ?

I did a download of the file samba-2.0.4a.tar.gz , but now, i don´t know
what i have to do to install it (upgrade) ?

Please , help me !

Thank you , very much !

Mário Augusto Ribeiro.
mribeiro at record.com.br

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