Linux-2.3.1 fs/smbfs/inode.c

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Thu May 20 02:10:40 GMT 1999


Adam Rogoyski enscribed thusly:

>    Hi.  Trying to compile linux 2.3.1 fs/smbfs/inode.c seemed to have a
> parse error, missing a semi-colon.  Here is the patch for it.  You were
> listed as the maintainer for smbfs.

	You sent this to the samba mailing list.  Who exactly did you
think was the maintainer of smbfs?

	Depending on what document you read, you might have seen Volker
or maybe Bill Hawes.  I maintain the smbmount utilities based on Samba, but
smbfs itself is not a part of samba nor is it maintained by us.  Who were
you trying to contact?

	BTW...  It's a known typo and you're a couple of rev's back.  It
was reported on the kernel mailing list days ago and really has no place
here.  If you are going to ride the bleeding edge of a development kernel,
stay up to date.  It should already be fixed in the latest 2.3.x kernel.
If you are not prepared to ride the wild ride, drop back to the production
2.2 kernels.

>    Adam

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