win98 can't connect

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Wed May 19 22:41:12 GMT 1999

When the world was young, LSC Maximino Gerardo Luna Estrada 
<max at> carved some runes like this:  

> I was acustomed using samba over linux win windows 95 clients, but now we
> migrated to windows 98 i found that even when we can see the samba server
> over the network neighborhood when we introduce the password that is at
> the samba server, it doesn't work. When we connect using smbclient over
> linux to test the server it works!!
> So if someone can  help me or give me a tip of what to do... i would be
> grateful...

Do you have samba running with or without encrypted passwords?  If 
you were running in non-encrypted mode, then win98 will refuse to 
connect (if you don't add the EnablePlainTextPassword reg key).

You can either run samba with encrypted passwords, or add the reg 
key to all your win98 clients.  There's a win95password.reg file 
you can use; see also Encryption.txt for more details.

Stephen L Arnold            
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