auditing/closecmd/smbwebstatus patch updates

Andy Bakun abakun at
Wed May 19 14:42:42 GMT 1999

I'd like to take a moment to thank the samba team for a painless upgrade
from 2.0.2/3 to 2.0.4.  configure, make, stop, install, start.  It was a
joy. Woo woo!

I've updated for 2.0.4 the patches for my auditing system, the close
command parameter and smbwebstatus.

Everything should be accessible at

This patch adds auditing of various samba actions via syslog.  Things like
file deletions, logons, logoffs, etc can be audited.
If you are currently using the patch and want to see some changes, please
let me know what they are so I can work them into the next version.  Work
on this is going to start up again soon.

close command:
This patch adds a new share parameter called 'close command'.  The
specified command will be run when a file is closed.  Can be used to do
postprocessing of files, batch fax transmission, what have you.  This is
just an update to the patch to apply cleanly to 2.0.4 -- no new
functionality in there -- yet.

group include macro:
This patch adds a new macro only usable in the include parameter.  The
macro expands to each of the groups that the user is in, so you can define
parameter files based on group membership.

This a self-contained samba web status reporting program.  It's a little
mini-web server that operates like smbstatus, except it generates HTML
pages.  Requires a browser that supports frames and tables.  All columns
can be sorted.  It's modeled somewhat after the NT "Server" control panel
(the main difference is that smbwebstatus is actually useful).

Please let me know of any problems.  Comments and suggestions are always

Andy Bakun

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