Samba and BackupExec

Franck Buland franck.buland at
Wed May 19 12:34:26 GMT 1999


I've got Samba 2.0.2 and a server NT4 SP3 with Seagate BackupExec 7.0.
When I want to backup Samba with Seagate BackupExec, I get a message
saying "Unable to connect to server, <F5> to retry", and then another
one saying "A device specific error occured".

I've read all the Samba archive about that subject, but I do not find
any solution.

I don't understand the proposition from Cary T. Conrad
(conrad at

"After thinking about this I would think that you should be able to
shares on any SMB machine as long as the login/passwd for the B.U.E. 
account are the same on both machines. However, another way to do this
to install the UNIX B.U.E. agent on the UNIX machine."

What is B.U.E. ?

Another point is to manage the archive status on file, because the
backup software use this information.
I've add to smb.conf:
create mask = 0664
map archive = true
but when I put the property Archive with Windows NT, no status Archive
is put for the file.
I use chmod u+x on this file, and when I see it in the Windows Explorer,
I see the status Archive. But when I want to see it with the Property
dialog on Windows, the case Archive is not checked, and the status
Archive is retired, without I changed anything!

Franck BULAND 

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