SAMBA Question

Gonzalo Servat gonzalo at
Wed May 19 01:16:44 GMT 1999

Hey all...

I'm having problems with SAMBA.. (actually, just one)

Basically we have 2 SUBNETs here.. one for Windows Only machines (192.168.9.
subnet) and that subnet includes the WINS server ( and we have
another subnet for Linux Machines .. (192.168.1. subnet)

Now.. i have a Linux machine that also has Windows on it (Dual boot) on the
192.168.1 subnet... the machine works fine in Linux... but in Windows, it can
view all the computers in the 192.168.9. subnet and view them and use them
etc, but we can't actually go into the main WINS server computer
( and this computer has most of the files that people use)

Would anyone be able to suggest any reason for why this is happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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