Probleme compiling Samba 2.0.4

Guillaume Goulet Guillaume.Goulet at
Tue May 18 18:35:10 GMT 1999


	pretty good job you are doing with Samba... I have just downloaded Samba
2.0.4 and I have a problem trying to compile it. I have configured the
"configure" file and ran it (./configure). When I type make, I can see all
the different modules compiling but I have an error with the
/source/lib/system.c file. It is concerning the timeval struct (which I
concluded must be a system struct) at lines 169 and 170. It looks like a
copy and paste error but the code is too big and I haven't looked it all...
My solution would be to change
	tval.tv_secs = 0;
	tval_tv_usec = usecs/1000;
To the following :
	tval.tv_sec = 0;
	tval.tv_usec = usecs/1000;
Is this right???

	I have another problem, I try to configure our network so NT, Win95-98 and
Win3.1 users can map Unix server drives to their desktops without having to
enter their passwords as many times as they access new drives. It works when
the win password is the same than the Samba one but I would like their samba
passwords synchronized when they update their windows password. I found a
few solutions on the Web (nisgina and gina) that are replacement DLL's for
NT ONLY and I would like to know if I'm on the right way and if NIS is a
good solution if we think to synchronize Windows passwords when changing
samba or Unix passwords...

Thanks, Guillaume
Summer Student at Versaterm Inc.

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