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Tue May 18 16:50:34 GMT 1999

I think what he wants is for a users volume to be mounted automatically
based on who it was that logged in when the system booted up.  So if I
logged in as pdc when the system booted my pdc volume would mount.  If,
however, you set down at the same machine and logged in as arnold then your
volume, not mine, would automatically mount without user intervention.  I
don't know the answer but I hope that clarifies things.

At 02:26 AM 5/19/99 +1000, you wrote:
>When the world was young, Steve Mertz <stevem at> 
>carved some runes like this:  
>> Just wondering if there is a way to get drive namings to change according
>> to who's logged into the network.
>> 'bob' logs into windows networking and gets...
>> E: 'bob' on server kiwi.
>> Now if 'sue' logs into windows networking on the same pc she gets...
>> E: 'bob' on server kiwi.
>> But E: contains sue's stuff.  So is there a way into making 'sue' replace
>> 'bob' without remapping the drive everytime?
>Isn't that exactly how the Homes shares work?
>I'm not sure I get it...
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