DOS to UNIX Conversion

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Tue May 18 14:19:08 GMT 1999

I used notepad to set up the original script, but since then I've been
maintaining them with vi (Linux), and haven't had any problems.

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> Hi,
> 	Hey I like using WinVI32  for simple text, and best of all, binary 
> files. 
> It has a built in Hex Editor at the click of one button.  :)  It 
> also reads
> Unix or DOS based textfiles with ease, and restores them back as 
> it found
> them, not like the forceful MS editors.
> 	WinVI32 is Free, Fast, and Furious.. :P    I can load a 20MB file in
> seconds,  or in other words, way before the time it takes WordPad to show
> its splash screen.
> 	I added the shortcut to the  SendTo folder in Windows, that way I
> just
> right click, send to WinVI and Im set. :)  The Hex Editor is a great tool
> also.   The only gotchas - no word wrap or auto-horizontal elevator bar. 
> Other than that, its and awesome tool.
> Regards,
> Richard Jones
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> From: Stephen L Arnold, on 05/17/99 4:02 PM:
> On 17 May 99, Axel Neumann <amn at> had questions about
> DOS to UNIX Conversion:
> > It seems that a lot of people hate Windoze in such a way that they only
> > accept solutions that are not coming from M$.
> Maybe that's because the M$ "solutions" are crap, and much better
> alternatives already exist.
> > If you want to view UNIX text files correctly on a W9x or NT client you
> > should use Wordpad or if you have you can also use Word. These two
> > programs display the files correctly and you can save them correctly
> > (maybe there is some problem with the extension).
> WordPad is only slightly less useless than NotePad (and *much* more
> annoying).  Believe me, my kid's have been trying to write their
> first few reports with it, and nobody should be forced to use that
> thing.  I'm gonna give them WordPerfect and start using StarOffice
> myself (but not for text files).
> And why on earth would you want to use Word for working with text
> files?  Not to mention the bloat (and other problems), there are
> tools specifically designed for that (with much more appropriate
> features).  Everything from small and simple (PFE) to medium with
> more features (gvim), included color-coded syntax highlighting, to
> something that does more than I'll ever need, like emacs, or if you
> must spend money, SlickEdit.
> > Why buying or downloading additional software if it is not really
> > necessary.
> Getting the right tool for the job (whether downloading for free or
> buying something) is a much better way to attack the problem.
> Ranting Steve
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> Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)
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